Priorities for Berkley
Over the past twenty-plus years of my professional career as a project manager, facilitator, and process engineer, I have successfully led teams and departments of over 100 people, responsibly managed projects, contracts, and annual budgets of over $25 million, and consistently delivered business results while also improving how we performed our day-to-day work.

I am honored to bring this professional experience to serve the residents and businesses of Berkley. I believe that active participation and professional experience positively benefits the City. Especially in difficult economic times, I understand the seriousness of local government and its constructive role in a thriving community. Berkley is my home and I am committed to its ongoing success.

As your City Council Member, Steve will continue to: 
  • Support our City’s residents and businesses. I will continue to actively engage with, listen to, and advocate for Berkley residents, and ensure that our city’s housing stock and downtown district continue to reflect our values.
  • Invest in the city’s infrastructure and core services. I will tirelessly work to ensure our roads, water, and sewer infrastructure, police, fire, library, and parks meet our needs; and support events and activities that enrich the lives of our youth, families, and seniors.
  • Promote regional engagement and take prudent actions. I will continue to ensure that our municipal relationships are productive, our partnerships benefit Berkley and our region, and that our active leadership in county and state matters remains strong.
  • Encourage and welcome new residents and businesses to Berkley. I will continue to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe, enjoyable places to live and raise families, and continue to develop a vibrant downtown district that is successful both day and night.
I will continue to work to ensure that your ideas and concerns are heard and are objectively considered. I believe in a collaborative approach to making decisions. With each issue and opportunity, I seek to understand the intentions, clarify the implications, and surface the intangibles so the decision is informed, timely, and fair.

It is an honor to serve you as a member of City Council. I am committed to moving Berkley forward as we preserve and celebrate our City's unique character and home town charm. Thank you.
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